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What should be listed in my casenotes during an interview?

Some offices use tab-by-tab casenotes, separating their casenotes by the type of note, and some write the entire note for an interview on one casenote.  Follow the office preferences of your workplace.  However, in either case, the same information should be present.

  • General Information
    • App date and Interview date
    • Type of interview (phone or in-person)
    • Worker number and office number
    • Type of case (initial application or certification renewal) or other open benefits
    • Cases eligibility for expedited benefits
    • Ineligible Household members and the reason why
  • Income
    • Earned Income
      • OWL and NHL checked and the results
      • Client declared sources of earned income
      • What verification was provided
      • What verification requested (30 days check stubs up to interview date, self-employment verification, etc.)
      • Income calculation
    • Unearned Income
      • SDX and BEN checked and the results
      • Child support screens and private child support results
      • Client declared sources of unearned income (VA, rental income, etc.)
      • What verification requested (award letters, rental agreements, etc.)
  • Action or Action Pending
    • Could contain what was requested to complete case and that an ADM 92 was sent / FDENY applied
    • Could be used to say that the case is ready to work before certifying the case
    • Should be used when case is certified, saying the date certified and the date benefits will begin
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