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PS-1 or Live! Submission

To complete the interview, you should go over the application with the client.  This will help you ensure that the application has no errors and will inform you of what the client needs to provide to determine eligibility.

The website (for certification renewals and applications with a break in service) emulates the Paper Application (Legacy: PS-1, Form: 08MP001E) page by page.  The website can be used to interview in two different ways.  First, the website can be used while you have the client on the line.  You can fill out the application and complete the interview at the exact same time.  At the end, it prompts you to go over the Rights and Responsibilities and ask if the client wants to register to vote.  Second, the client can fill out the application themselves and can either call in or wait for an appointment letter to be called and you can look at the application they filled out and interview the client much in the same way you would with a PS-1.

The PS-1 is the standard paper application form.  Using this, you can go over all the necessary information with the client to determine what is needed.  However, if you use this form, make sure to have the client sign the FSS-1-B either from Infonet Forms page or by creating it FACS.

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