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Assistance Payments

Payments from public assistance programs like SSI, TANF, or State Supplemental Payments (SSP) are unearned income.  These assistance programs are means-tested (income based), federal, state, or local welfare programs.

Countable Amount

Use the gross monthly payment amount. You may exclude the amount used to repay an overpayment unless the client is repaying the funds due to an intentional program violation.

SNAP Policy counts these payments toward the intended beneficiary even when the actual payment goes to a third party.



Use the IMS EB, CM, and CMM. EB shows the gross amount of SSP in B26. On CMM, field F24 shows “C” for “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.” Field 25 shows “A.”


Use the IMS EB, CM, or CMM screens. EB shows the gross amount of SSP in B26. On the CMM, field F24 shows “A” for “State Supplemental Payment to Aged,” “B” for “State Supplemental Payment to Blind,” or “D” for “State Supplemental Payment to Disabled.” Field 25 shows “A” for “Added.”


Check the IMS SDX screen or review the client’s award letter. When the client does not have an award letter and SDX is not showing SSI income, you may use TPQYC to ask Social Security for up-to-date SSI information. You may also call Social Security to confirm the child’s SSI income. You may use this website to find the contact number for the client’s Social Security office. The client may be able to log onto the SSA website to get a copy of the award letter.

FACS Coding

Enter the income SSI income in FACS F88.

Select “Other counted unearned income” in the FACS F99 dropdown box, and enter the gross monthly pay amount in FACS F98 field for SSP or TANF income.

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