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Military or War Victim Assistance and Programs – payments listed below are excluded by federal law

  • Amount of mandatory salary reduction of military personnel that is used to fund the G. I. Bill
  • Additional income received by military personnel for a combat deployment or service in an area designated as a combat zone
  • Payments made from the Agent Orange Settlement Fund or any other fund established in settlement in the RE Agent Orange product liability legislation
  • Payments from Civil Liberties Act of 1988 – made to persons of Japanese ancestry detained in internment camps during WWII
  • Payments from Radiation Exposure Compensation Trust Fund – compensation for injuries or deaths from exposure to radiation from nuclear testing and uranium mining
  • Payments made to persons because of status as victims of Nazi persecution
  • Certain income paid to children of the Vietnam War – including disability payments relating to Spina Bifida
  • Benefits paid to veterans their spouses who served in the military of the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines during WWII by the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund  
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