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You will count all wages, salaries, and commissions as earned income. It includes commissions, tips, piece-rate payments, longevity payments, bonuses, the annual and sick leave received for missed work, the unused portion of a benefit allowance or cafeteria plan, and employer-funded insurance or disability payments when the client remains employed.

Countable Amount

Use the gross monthly income (before deductions). Do not exclude the amounts deducted for taxes, bonds, pensions, union dues, credit union payments, cafeteria plans, garnishments, or income diverted to a third party.

Military Earnings

For military personnel, it includes armed forces pay and any allowances on the earnings statement. For example, the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) count toward the household’s eligibility.


This includes sick pay or paid time off when the client intends to return to the job.  When the employer pays out the client’s balance at the end of employment, the payment does not count as wages because it is a non-recurring lump sum payment.


You only exclude the employment income for

FACS Coding

Enter the gross income amount in FACS block F68. See the MICAL instructions to enter in a value for this block.

A screen shot highlighting the F68 block.

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