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Countable Income

Use a self-employed person’s income verification to determine his or her countable income. Ask the client how often the self-employed person receives pay, what period of time this income covers, and how representative this income is of future income during the interview. When a self-employed person’s income substantially changes, use whatever income verification best predicts the person’s future earnings.

Policy outlines how to handle income from a new, monthly, seasonal, and annualized self-employment.

FACS Coding

Code the countable net self-employment amount (after subtracting business expenses) in F64, and case note how you determined the countable amount.

Do not record business expenses in F66. Due to benefit reporting rules, the system will not remove business expenses during the certification period. If self-employment ends, this error may cause an overpayment if the system deducts business expenses from another type of income.

Policy on this topic is located at 340:50-7-30.

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