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Responsible for a child

SNAP allows limited exemptions for higher education students who are responsible for the care of a child. These exemptions are available based on how the caregiver and child meet the following factors. 

Factors leading to a higher education student exemption for caring for a child

Child’s Age ​Relation of the Caregiver and Number of Exempt Caregivers ​Caregiver’s Enrollment status Availability of Adequate Care
​Under 6 years of age The caregiver may be either a parent or other student living in the household.
Only one person may be exempt for each dependent child.
The caregiver does not have to be providing financial support, but the child does have to be in the SNAP household.
When two parents are in the household, both parents cannot use this exemption unless there are at least two children in the household and each parent serves as caretaker at a different time of day.
​Not Relevant ​Not Applicable
​Over 6 and under 12 years of age ​Not Relevant Adequate child care must not be available for the student to attend class and work 20 hours per week or perform work study. You will make this decision on a case-by-case basis.
Potential Reasons to conclude child care is lacking:
  • There is not an child care facility reasonably close the student’s home or school or

  • the absence of funds to pay for child care.

This is not an exclusive list.
​Under 12 years of age Only a single parent or
a person
  • providing financial support and having parental control and

  • not living with his or her own spouse or with the child’s parent qualifies.
​The parent or person must be enrolled full-time. The school determines enrollment status. ​Not Applicable
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