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Expedited Service Time Limit

The expedited-service time limit (seven calendar days) normally runs from the application date, but in certain circumstances, it runs from a late date.

When does this time limit begin?

The day you use depends on when you discover the household meets the expedited criteria.

Application Date

When you learn the household qualifies for expedited service within seven calendar days of the application date, use the application date.

This time limit begins the day after

  • the client submits an application online or in office or

  • OKDHS receives it via mail, fax, or email.

Enter the application date in FACS “Date of Entitlement to Expedited Services” (IMS C34).

Late Date

To enter a late date,

  1. the initial screening must have indicated that the household did not meet the expedited service criteria, and

  2. you did not learn the household met the criteria until seven calendar days after the application date.

In this instance, the seven-day, expedited service period begins the day you discover the household met the criteria—the late date. Update FACS “Date of Entitlement to Expedited Services” (IMS C34) to the late date.

What days count toward the time limit?

The application or late date does not count when counting calendar days. The day after the application or late date is day one.

The time limit continues regardless of whether OKDHS is open. When the seventh day falls on a day we are not open, you must meet finish processing the application on or before the last business day in the time limit.

The time limit also cannot extend the 30-day processing limit.

Example 1:

You received an application that has $200 per month in ongoing, odd jobs income and no shelter costs. When you started the interview, you realized that the client is responsible for $300 per month in rent and forgot to list this on the application. Your interview occurred on the 10th day from the application date. What should you do?

Since the initial screening showed the client did not qualify for expedited service, the interview date is the "late date" and the date the seven-day expedited-service processing period starts. Remember that if the seventh day falls on a non-work day, you will need to process it prior to that day.

Example 2:

The application you received on June 16 appears to meet the expedited service criteria. You were unable to reach the household via telephone, so you scheduled an interview to occur within seven days of the application. No one from the household attends, so you FDENY the application. On June 26, you interview the household and receive all required verification. The household qualifies for expedited service. Do you use the application date or a late date to determine the household’s expedited service time limit?

Since you must interview the household before issuing expedited food benefits and the household missed the initial interview date, June 26 is the late date. Enter this date in “Date of Entitlement to Expedited Services (IMS C34).

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