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Postponing Verification

To meet the expedited-service time limits, you may postpone verification.

Food Nutrition Services did not renew the federal waiver that permitted postponed interviews. As of May 1, 2020, you may not postpone an interview.


To postpone verification, you must first

  1. interview the household,

  2. verify identity, and

  3. exercise reasonable efforts to get all other needed verification.

Make sure to case note how the household meets expedited service criteria, your attempts to verify needed verification, and why you postponed the verification.

Postponed Verification Certification Periods

When you postpone verification, request the verification on the Client Contact and Information Request (Form 08AD092E or ADM 92).

Certify the household for a one-month or two-month certification.

  • Households who apply between the 1st and 15th of the month receive a one-month certification.

  • Households receive a two-month certification when they that apply between the 16th and the end of the month.

Client Verification Time Limits

The household must provide the postponed verification before you certify the household for more than the expedited service month(s).

The household has 60 days from the application date to provide verification. When it takes more than 60 calendar days to provide verification, the household must reapply.

To avoid the proration of benefits, the household must provide the postponed verification

  • within 30-calendar days of the application date for a one-month certification and

  • by the last day of expedited-service certification period for a two-month certification.


There is no limit in the number of times you may postpone verification provided the household

  • is certified for a normal certification or

  • provides the requested postponed verification before you postpone verification again.

To learn more about the interview process, click here.

To learn more about verification required, click here.

Policy regarding this topic is located at 340:50-3-2.

Example 1:

Reggie, who has never received SNAP, applies for food benefits on March 15. You grant a one-month expedited certification. How long does the household have to provide verification?

Reggie has 60 calendar days (until May 14) to provide the verification. He receives a certification for the month of March. His April benefit does not prorate if he provides the verification within 30 calendar days (by April 14). You may recertify his SNAP without a break in eligibility. If he provides the verification between April 15 and May 14, you will update the application date in FACS (IMS C1) to the day he provides the verification. His SNAP benefit will prorate for the initial month from the date he provides the verification.

Example 2:

Kassandra applies for food benefits on October 16 but does not stay for an interview. You try to reach her via telephone without success. Her application indicates she may qualify for expedited service. What do you do?

Schedule her for an interview within seven calendar days (before October 23). If she attends the interview, see if the household meets the expedited criteria and qualifies for a regular certification or needs you to postpone verification. If she does not attend the interview, you will enter a FDENY 59. This will send her the Notice of Missed Interview and deny the application on the 30th calendar day.

Example 3:

Nicole applies for SNAP benefits on April 15. You interview her on April 20. During her interview, she reports she is medically exempt from ABAWD. She has previously used her K months. She does not have any verification to support a medical exemption and does not know when or how she will get it. This is the only verification you are missing. Do you postpone verification?

Yes, you must postpone verification. You have until April 22 to meet the expedited-service time frame. Since you are not likely to verify Nicole's ABAWD exemption before the seven days end, you must postpone the verification. It does not hinge on whether you believe her or not. You must postpone verification for even questionable exemptions based on this set of facts.

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