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Expedited Service

Expedited service requires OKDHS to post SNAP benefits to a household’s EBT card within seven calendar days.


To qualify, a household must have

Click here to use the EO Screening Tool and here for expedited-screening documentation.

When to screen for expedited service?

The screening for expedited service must occur when the household’s initially applies. It happens on the day the household completes an application in office or online or we receive it via mail, email, or fax.

It is not necessary when the household reapplies during a certification period or on the first day following a certification period. This application is a certification renewal not an initial application.

FACS Information

Document the expedited-service screening and outcome in FACS.

  • Enter a case note that explains whether or not the household qualifies for expedited service.

  • When the household meets the expedited criteria, enter the application date or the late date in the Date of Entitlement to Expedited Services (IMS C34).

  • When the household does not meet the criteria due to liquid resources, code the declared amount in FACS. Update the Resource Indicator (IMS F111, F115, F119, F123, or F127), the Resource Amount (IMS F110, F114, F118, F122, or F126), and Total Countable Resources (IMS C32).

Policy on this topic is located at 340:50-11-1. Policy on resources is located at 340:50-7-1.

Example 1:

James and his roommate, John, both receive SNAP benefits; they are in separate households. Both had certification renewals for June. On May 29, James completed his renewal on John learned his benefits were closed on the June 2 when he tried to use his EBT card. On June 3, James and John come to the local office and ask about their SNAP benefit. John applies on that day. Who might be eligible for expedited service?

As long as he meets the criteria for expedited service, John might be eligible for expedited services. James is not eligible for expedited service. OKDHS received his application during the certification period. There was no break in his benefits, so his application is not an initial application. Because his certification renewal is untimely, you have 30 calendar days to process his application.

Example 2:

Amanda lost her job last month and applies for SNAP benefits. On the application, she reports no income for this month and $250 in her bank account. She reports no other liquid assets. She pays $100 per month in rent and the heating and cooling costs. How should we handle her case?

She has more than $100 in liquid resources; however, her rent and standard utility allowance are higher than what she does have. This case is eligible for expedited service. Schedule and complete the interview within first seven calendar days, and make every reasonable effort to determine her eligibility within the time limit. We no longer postpone interviews. When you realize you are unlikely to obtain needed verification—other than identity—within seven calendar days, you may postpone verification if necessary.

Example 3:

Margaret is 23 and lives with her parents. She does not work or pay rent or utilities. In her interview, she reports $45 in cash as her only asset. How should we process her case?

She has less than $150 gross income and $100 in liquid resources. Treat her case as expedited and determine if the case is eligible for benefits based on all other financial and non-financial criteria.

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