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Coding and Expedited Services

To code expedited eligibility on the SNAP tab in the FACS Eligibility Notebook, use the following values.

Processing Circumstances ​Action Code (C-3) ​​Reason Code (C-4) ​​Certification Period (C-7)
​Interview conducted and all verification provided (EO) ​1 ​EO ​The system will assign a 12 or 24 certification period. Enter a 3 or, when there is a prorated K month, a 4.
​Verification waived (SEO) ​S ​​EO ​​1 or 2
For a video on how to code an EO,

For a video on how to code an SEO, click here.

To code continuing eligibility after an expedited SEO certification, the case will need to  have a new certification coded in FACS using a normal certification period.  From that point forward, the case will issue benefits on the 1st, 5th, or 10th depending on case number. 

For instructions on how code a case after an SEO or EO, click here.

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