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Jane applied June 16th for SNAP benefits for herself
Does not appear to be eligible for expedited services. You have 30 days from the application date to interview, verify, and certify (if eligible). If everything is done timely, certify the application back to 6/16.        
Appears to be eligible for expedited services, but you are unable to make contact.  Schedule an interview within seven calendar days, and mail an Interview Notice (Form 08AD091E).
You may not postpone the interview.
The client must have a signed application, proof of identity on file, and an interview before you can certify.
If there is an ABAWD in the home, he or she must meet ABAWD work requirements, be exempt, or have “free” months.
You may not wait beyond seven calendar days to verify a questionable ABAWD exemption. Postpone the verification.
Appears to be eligible for expedited services, you have completed an interview, but you need some verification that you were unable to obtain. Certify (within seven days) for two months pending verification.
Is eligible for expedited services, interview completed, all verification provided. Certify the case normally based on the client’s ABAWD status within seven days. Address ABAWD as normal. If exempt, client will receive an annual or semi-annual certification.
If not, the client will receive no more than three months or four months (if the initial month prorates).
Did not appear eligible for expedited services but you realize that she is during the interview on June 26 and need required verification. Certify (within seven days) for two months pending verification. If you did not know that a client was eligible for expedited services and did not discover the client's eligibility in the first seven calendar days, you have seven days from when you learned she was eligible. Remember to code a late date.
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