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SNAP policy deducts certain household expenses from a client's income.

The allowable deductions are

The household reports these expenses at certification, mid-certification renewals (MCRs), and certification renewals (CRs).

See the self-employment calculations for how to handle self-employment business costs.

Required Verification

Unless the information the household provides is questionable, the only deductions that require verification are medical expenses and legally-binding child support

You have 30 days to complete a standard SNAP application.

  • When it appears that verification of a deduction will not arrive and you can certify the case, work the case and certify it without the deduction.
  • When the household does not qualify without verifying the deduction, deny the application after giving the household at least 10 days to provide verification.

Disqualified Household Members

Deductions prorate when there is an ineligible household member but do not when there is a disqualified household member. Use the proration formula to determine what amount to include when there is an ineligible household member.

Remember – Income is counted in its entirety for a person disqualified for:

For those clients that we count all income, you should also subtract deductible expenses.

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