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Utility Allowances

Clients that are responsible for heating, cooling, cooking fuel, electricity, water, sewage, garbage, trash, and telephones are eligible for a deduction of their income.      

Utility allowances are figures used in place of the household's actual utility costs. They are based off of average utility costs. When determining the correct deduction, you only need to know which bills the household pays, not what exact or average costs are.

FACS Coding

When certifying a case, choose the correct utility allowance in the Utility Cost field on the Shelter tab (IMS C59). Below are the possible utility allowances, the coding for FACS / IMS, and the amounts of each deduction. Click each selection for more details:

Utility Allowances (even if split between households as long as they pay a portion)
Standard Utility Allowance (SUA) $341 Pays Heating and Cooling separate from rent / mortgage
Basic Utility Allowance (BUA) $293 Paying for utilities that don’t include heating / cooling
Telephone Utility Allowance (TUA) $48 Responsible for telephone only
No Utility Allowance (N) $0 No Utilities paid

Note – Utility allowances are not prorated when an ineligible, disqualified, or non-household member is billed or responsible for utility expenses. 

Assess the household's utility deduction at each certification, recertification, and when the household moves.  

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