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Medical Expense FAQs

When a household must report medical expenses?

Households report and verify medical expenses at certification and certification renewal (CR).  Clients do not have to report changes in medical expenses during the certification period. 

When a household reports but does not verify medical expenses at the time of certification or certification renewal, let the client know that you will allow the expense when the client provides verification. 

How to handle medical expenses that vary?

 When the household's ongoing medical expenses vary from month to month, are billed less often than monthly, or change throughout the certification period, the household may elect to average expenses. 

What are some examples of typical ongoing medical expenses? 

Expenses that may occur each month or at regularly scheduled time periods throughout the year may include (but are not limited to):

  • Prescription medication (This does not include the cost of Schedule I controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act or expenses associated with its use)
  • Doctor visits that are scheduled every month, every three months, etc.
  • Regularly scheduled blood tests
  • Insurance Premiums 

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