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Dependent Care

Clients who are responsible for the cost of care, activity fees, and the transportation costs (to and from the provider) for a child or other dependent are eligible for a deduction. To be approvable, the care must be necessary for a household member to seek, accept, or continue employment or attend training/education to prepare for employment. This includes any OK SNAP Works activities. There is no maximum limit for this deduction.

Medical versus Child Care Deduction

If the expense also qualifies as a medical expense, count it as a medical expense. 

Approvable Amount

The total cost of care, the identifiable fees, and transportation costs based on the state’s current mileage rate are allowable expenses.


You may accept the client’s word in relation to these costs. However, you must verify dependent care expenses when it results in a deduction that changes the SNAP amount and seems inconsistent with other available data. When you need to verify questionable costs, document in case notes why the costs are questionable.

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