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Changes in Household Composition

Changes in household composition could include the addition of a new household member – either a new adult (like a spouse) or a newborn child – or a current member of the home moving out (or possibly becoming a separate household).

  • Remember, college students should remain on the SNAP benefit if their parent's address continues to be their primary residence. They will be subject to student policy.

The client's statement regarding a household member moving out of the home is verified upon receipt.

  • When you remove a household member, the system reduces food benefits for all household types.
  • When the client reports a new household member, he or she must provide a Social Security number for the new member, unless the new household member is a newborn, and proof of any income the person receives before you add a new household member.
  • When the new household member is a newborn, the client must provide the newborn's SSN or proof an SSN was requested from the Social Security Administration for the newborn at the next certification renewal or within six months following the month the baby is born, whichever is later.
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