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Examples of Types of Changes

Example 1:

Joanna Newsom came into the office today to report a change. The client has never had any income on the SNAP benefit previously as her mother was paying all her bills directly to vendors. As of today, the client's mother has started giving her $10/week in a contribution to buy basic necessities. Did Joanna need to report this change? 

No, the unearned income of $10 per week will come to $43 per week anticipated ($10 * 4.3 =$43). This is under $100 per week.

Example 2:

Dwight Yoakam's son just got his acceptance letter to Providence State. He will be leaving home next month and going to Alabama for school. Do you remove his son from the SNAP benefit?

Yes, we need to remove his son. It is unlikely that his primary residence will be in Oklahoma with his parents. Remove him on the first of the month that he is no longer in the home. If the son states that he returns the home at least once a month, you may leave him in the household, but student policy will apply. 

​Best Practice At the time of the interview, hand the client a Changes in Household Circumstances form. Explain to the client that if something in their life changes, they can fill this form out and send it back to you.
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