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Verification needed for MCRs

Mid-certification renewals do not require an interview.  Clients submit a signed renewal form to begin their renewal process. 

Like initial applications and certification renewals, proof of income is the most important verification needed to continue benefits.

Semi-annual reporters receive their renewal notice in the 4th month of their certification period.  The notice tells them to submit the renewal and required proof by the 22nd of the 4th month.  Depending on the date the client submits the renewal, we should accept any consecutive 30 calendar day period of income the client provides from midway through the 3rd month all the way through the 6th month.  If the client provides more than 30 calendar days of income, you can average all income provided or use the most recent 30 calendar days, whichever is most representative. 

If the earned income verification seems questionable, contact the client or the employer to clear up discrepancies.  Verify any unearned income that is questionable and / or not considered verified upon receipt.

When the client is self-employed, he or she will need to provide updated business logs or their most recent tax returns.  Listed below are some scenarios and the proper verification to request:

  • If the client provides verification that they started new self-employment – Request monthly business logs and expenses from the month they began to the last complete month.  If the client did not keep logs, ask them to estimate and begin keeping logs for the future.
  • If the client has ongoing self-employment without filing taxes – Ask for 12 months of self-employment logs or if the client provided logs before, ask for the amounts that you don't yet have (likely 3 – 6 months since last renewal).
  • If the client has ongoing self-employment and files taxes – Request the previous year's self-employment tax form if you do not already have it.  Check Imaging to see what the client last provided.  If the client had an MCR in April and provided last year's tax return then, the client will not need to do so again in October at the CR. 

Most other verification such as residence, shelter, and utility costs can be verified by client statement and are considered verified upon receipt.

If a client reports paying the same amount of legally binding child support or medical expenses as he or she did at application or the last CR – you do not need to get current verification for the MCR.  If the client reports a different amount than last time and changing the deduction will increase the household's food benefits, the client must verify the change before you increase the deduction.  If the change decreases the household's food benefits, you can make the change without verification.  The client will need to verify the expense amounts at certification renewal.

If you determine that an MCR is incomplete because it is unsigned or the client did not provide all documentation try to contact the client to inform them of what is needed.  Document in FACS case notes the date you attempted contact, how it was attempted, and what the result was.  You do not need to send an ADM-92 for an MCR.  The renewal letter is considered the only written notification that the agency needs.  

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