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Timeframe for MCR Notice

The system sends a "Renew my Benefits" notice the month prior to their renewal month. For example, for a client who began to receive benefits in December and is a semi-annual reporter household, the client will have a renewal for June. In mid-April, the client should receive a renewal form (you can type NL in IMS while you have a case open to access mail that the computer generates and sends to clients).

The "Renew my Benefits" notice for the client mentioned above will state that the client should renew their benefits from April 22nd through May 5th. It will state that clients can go to their county office, use mail or fax, visit, or call 405-487-LIVE.

This timeframe is an artificial timeframe.  Clients can actually renew their benefits any time after 1st deadline (see Appendix B-2) – which is why the 22nd was chosen because it is always at least one day after 1st deadline. Clients can also renew their benefits all the way to the last day of the renewal month.  For this ongoing example, this client could renew all the way to June 30th.

At first deadline, the system closes a SNAP benefit due for a mid-certification renewal. The closure reason is 36S. When the client submits a renewal after this closure, you will need to reopen the benefit. If you need to reopen the benefit after the client is supposed to have received benefits (in this example, June 2nd – June 30th), you will reopen the SNAP benefit to the date you receive the final piece of verification and the system will prorate the SNAP amount.

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