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Systems Information for MCRs

You can use your CWA  to see what MCRs you need to process for the month. CWA 17, 20, 22, 26, 65, and 68 are used for MCRs.  Cases that are open and eligible for a renewal should be kept open if at all possible.  If clients have provided the verification necessary, it is our goal to not let food benefits close.

The client's food benefits will close if you do not complete the MCR by advance notice deadline. This causes anxiety for the client and may delay food benefit receipt the next month if you do not reopen benefits quickly.

In addition to the problems it causes the client, it also creates problems for DHS when an untimely MCR is chosen for a Quality Control review as DHS is charged with a negative case action error. 

To avoid problems, check each MCR as it comes in and complete the renewal if it is ready to work.

Watch this video on coding a SNAP MCR.

If an MCR closes (known by workers as a 36s closure because of the reason code associated with the closure) – either due to a mistake made by us or because the client failed to provide adequate and timely verification, use these instructions to reopen an MCR. MCRs can be reopened through the last day of the closure month.

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