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Verification Needed for CRs

Certification renewals are treated like an application and require an interview

To complete the CR, you will need 30 to 60 days of gross income verification. This verification is from the 30- to 60-day period before the interview. We ask for income up to the day before the interview. For example, if the client completes an interview on the 15th of the month (a Thursday) and receives wages, they will provide:

  • If paid weekly on a Friday – The client will provide 4 consecutive checks up to Friday the 9th.
  • If paid biweekly on a Friday – The client will provide their last 2 paystubs (the final check will either be last Friday or the Friday before).
  • If the client is paid twice monthly on the 1st and 15th You will request the 15th of the previous month and the 1st of this month.  You will not request the check given on the interview date.  However, if the client provides it, you can use it as it is the most recent stub.  You can always use more recent check stubs than what you ask for – but cannot use older stubs for a CR.
  • If the client is paid once per month on the last day of the month – You will ask for the check from the last day of the previous month. 

At the CR, you also need to update records on self-employment.  Just like at any renewal, the client will need to provide updated business records or their most recent tax returns.  Listed below are some scenarios and the proper verification to request:

  • If the client provides verification that they began new self-employment – Request monthly business records and expenses from the month they began to the last complete month.  If the client did not keep business records, ask them to estimate and begin keeping records for the future.
  • If the client is to provide business records for the first time – Ask the client to provide the months since the client reported new employment.
  • If the client has ongoing self-employment without filing taxes – Ask for 12 months of self-employment business records or if the client has provided business records before, ask for the amounts that you don't yet have (likely 3 – 6 months since last review).
  • If the client has ongoing self-employment and files taxes – Request the previous year's self-employment tax forms.  You should check our Imaging systems to see if the most recent taxes have already been provided.  If the client had an MCR in April and provided taxes then, the client will not need to do so again in October at the CR.

Clients will also need to verify any unearned income that is not considered verified upon receipt.

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