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Timeframe for CR Notice

The system sendsa "Continue my SNAP Benefit" notice the month prior to the last month of the certification period.  Using our previous example of a client household who applied in December and is a semi-annual household, the client's certification renewal is due in December.  In mid-October, the client should receive the Continue My Benefits notice (you can type NL in IMS while you have a case open to access mail that the computer generates and sends to clients).

The notice for the client states that the client should renew their benefits between October 28th – December 1st.  It will state that the client can mail and fax a completed and signed paper form to the local DHS office, visit, or call (405)487-5483.

This timeframe is an artificial timeframe.  Clients can actually renew their benefits any time after 1st deadline (see Appendix B-2) – the 28th is listed because it is after the traditional 2nd deadline date that we began certification renewals.  Clients must apply by the 1st of their certification month.  If they are late and apply on the second or later, the client will need to re-apply and follow the instructions of a new application

If a client applies after 1st deadline on OKDHSLive!, the system will handle putting the case in application status. If you receive a paper CR before 2nd deadline – you will need to use the FAPP transaction in IMS. To learn how to do this, click here.

Policy on this topic is located in 340:50-9-6.

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