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Changes affecting SNAP amount

If a client reports a change that affects the benefit eligibility or amount, you have 10 days from the date the client reports a change to take action.

Do you need verification?
Before taking action, determine if the household must supply verification. You must verify any changes that increase benefits or pertain to certain unclear information and data matches and are not from a verified upon receipt source. Document all actions you take in FACS.

Best Practice When a household uses a Change of Circumstances form to report a change, provide the client with another form, so the client has it to report future changes.

What impact does the change have?
You must recall what type of household you are dealing with and how you learned the information to determine whether a change affects the household’s benefits.

  • When the change does not meet these criteria, the change may either increase or close benefits, but SNAP benefit does not decrease.

Increasing benefits
When benefits increase, make the change effective no later than 10 calendar days from when the client reports or verifies the change. These changes take affect the next month unless you act after the Appendix B-2 Advance Notice or Second Deadline. If appropriate, issue a supplement to correct missed benefits.

Closing benefits
When closing benefits, you must allow the household advance notice unless the client provides a written waiver of his or her notice or we are exempt from providing notification.  We will cover exemptions on the following page. Consult the Appendix B-2 to allow of the appropriate notice.

A decrease or closure is effective no later than the month after the month in which advance notice was required. When the client reports the change 10 days or more before First Deadline, the change will be made effective at the end of that month.

Notices are computer generated unless the reason is death (no notice) or if reason code 69 is used which would require you to send a Client Notice of Action Taken (Form 08MP038).

Policy on this topic is located at 340:50-9-5.

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