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  • Notifying clients that DHS is available to assist clients in obtaining verification.
  • Notifying clients of the DHS responsibility for reaching a decision and notifying the household of their eligibility status within appropriate time frames.
  • Notifying clients of information needed to establish eligibility – you must give a client 10 calendar days and send an ADM-92 (Form: 08AD092E)
    • If the office is closed on the 10th day, move the date needed to the following business day. 
    • Request only the verification needed to determine eligibility.  Do not check everything.
  • Determining whether the applicant is currently receiving benefits from another state or if they have lived in the state for the last 12 months (residence is considered verifiable by receipt)
    • If a client reports that they have lived in another state in the last 12 months, don't approve benefits until you contact the former state to determine if any household members have received assistance, if it continues, or when benefits will terminate.
    • If benefits issued from another continue, you cannot certify the application until after they terminate.
    • Residents of domestic violence shelters could be eligible for additional food benefits
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