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  • Determining the certification date for an applicant's case (if eligible).  The computer system will generate notices based on the reasons and dates you enter in FACS, unless the action is due to death or commitment to a mental health facility – you will then need to generate a hand-generated notice.*
  • Notifying the applicant of their right to request a fair hearing** either orally or in writing and that households can be represented by anyone that they choose.
    • Clients may request a hearing when their case is delayed beyond established time-limits or if they have any disagreement with any action taken on the case.
  • Informing clients of requirements to cooperate with state and federal Quality Control** units
  • Protecting your client's right to privacy.  Only discuss the personal details of the case with people involved in the case. 
  • Denying the application if you determine that a client is ineligible

*This can be done in FACS.  

**More information on fair hearings and QC coming soon. 

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