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Social Security numbers

You will need Social Security numbers from all household members applying for SNAP benefits.  Failure to provide SSN information will disqualify any members of the household without a number in the DHS system.  Clients can apply for good cause if they have applied for a Social Security number or have exhausted all efforts to obtain one. 

Illness, transportation, and temporary absence are not exemptions as mail-in applications (for SSNs) are available. You will document in FACS case notes the reason for a good cause exemption and help the client obtain a social security number.

Income is counted from a client disqualified for not providing a social security number.  You can add a client back to the case when the SSN is provided or the SSN application has been made and verified.

You can accept the statement of a client who gives you a Social Security number unless there is a conflict with verification or in our systems. 

Newborn household members added to the case need Social Security numbers at the next certification renewal or 6 months after the baby is born, whichever is later.  Newborns will not need to be removed at the mid-certification renewal as it is not a certification.  For more information on changes during report months, click here.

Social Security numbers may not exist for undocumented aliens.  For more information on how undocumented aliens affect a SNAP case, please click here.

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