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Same Day Filing

The deadline for providing benefits is calculated from the date that the application is actually received by DHS (either in the local office or submitted online).  Households should be advised that they have the right to complete and file an application on the same day that they contact DHS. 

Clients may file an incomplete application as long as it contains

  • Applicant’s Name
  • Address
  • Signature of an adult member or authorized representative

Households are encouraged to file their application on the same day or have an authorized representative contact DHS.  Clients should be advised that they do not have to be interviewed before filing an application.

If a household contacts DHS by telephone and is unable to file an application online at or in the county office on the same day (or has not requested food benefits in writing), a hardship exists (examples include illness, no transportation, etc.).  The client is advised to call 405-487-5483and file by telephone.  You will preserve the date of the application. You should document in FACS case notes that there was an oral request for benefits and the application date.  You can also mail the client Form 08MP001E the same day that the client calls.

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