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Sharon calls into the local office and needs to apply for benefits.  She has had benefits before but they expired three months ago.  Her car has broken down and she is too far from the office to walk.  What are our options as an agency?

The client is on the phone now and it is clearly a hardship for her to come to the office.  There are many possible options to get the application process started for her.  You could log onto and fill out an application on the phone with her since she has had benefits before.  This is a quick and easy process.  In addition, you could inform the client about using OKDHSLive! herself.  The client can also get in touch with the Support Centers by calling 405-487-5483 (however, call volume can be high and it may be in the best interest of the client to take care of her needs while she is currently on the phone).  You can also mail the client an application for benefits that she can mail back.  If you decide to use this option, use today's date as the formal request for benefits.

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