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In general, a client's residence should be verified.  Similar to identity, many forms of verification can be accepted.  Many pieces of verification you will already need (for example: check stubs) will have verification of a client's address.

Verifying residency is important because it helps you take extra care to avoid duplicate participation (meaning receiving benefits from more than one case in a month). You should be asking new applicants if they have lived in another state in the last 12 months.  If they have, you must verify if any cases in other states are open. 

Items to Document in Case Notes about Out of State Benefits
The date of previous case closure
The last date benefits were received
The types of benefits received
How the information was obtained
Any other information relevant to the case

No individual client may participate in more than one household in a month unless the individual is a resident of a domestic violence shelter and was previously a member of a household with an abusive person.

Determining a client's residency is not based on the client's intent to stay in the state or county and we cannot impose any requirements on the duration a client needs to be here to apply.  In this, you must use common sense and your best judgement (as well as advice from your supervisor).  A fixed residence is not required for a client to receive benefits.  Migrant farmers may be moving from place to place but their current campsites can verify residency.  Also, homeless families will stay from place to place. It will likely not be possible to verify the exact residency of these households, however the case record should include all information we are able to obtain (stable mailing address, living situation, etc.).  If an applicant is only living in the state for purposes of a vacation and does not have a primary Oklahoma address, they are not meeting residency requirements and would need to apply in the state where they permanently reside. 

To contact other states to verify benefits, see this link: National Directory.

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