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Immediately following your eligibility determination, the system will generate a notice to be sent to the applicant household.  The notice will inform them of your action to approve or deny benefits.  The applicant is entitled to receive a certification or denial notice no later than 30 calendar days after the initial application date.  Click here to read about what to do in a processing delay.

Certification Notice

If a client is found to be eligible and is certified, they will receive a notice that informs the household of:

  • The benefit amount of the allotment and any variation in the benefit level based on –
    • Changes anticipated at the time of certification
    • Differences caused because retroactive benefits are calculated using different income or the initial month's benefits are prorated
  • Their right to a fair hearing

Expedited Certification and Expiration Notice

If you approve a client for expedited services while awaiting verification to determine ongoing eligibility, the system will generate a notice that lets the client know that ongoing eligibility has not yet been determined.  In addition, the notice:

  • Informs the client that some verification or an interview was waived because they qualify for expedited processing. 
  • The expiration date for SNAP.
  • The conditions for reapplying timely.

Denial Notice

If you deny a client's SNAP application, the notification will inform the household of:

  • The reason for the denial.
  • Their right to request a fair hearing.*

*More on the fair hearing procedures coming soon! 

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