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Initial Month Proration

The initial month is the first month that a household is certified for SNAP benefits following any period in which there was a break.  Food benefit allotments are prorated for the initial month from the date of application. 

Note   Even though the food benefit is prorated for the application month, you must enter income and deductions for the entire month. The computer systems will take care of the rest.

The only exception is for migrant and seasonal farm worker households who did not timely reapply for benefits.

  • When they received benefits in the prior month, you would certify their household back to the first of the month.  
  • This is not done automatically by the system.  In order for you to issue the correct SNAP amount, you will code (in FACS) the application date as the first of the month regardless of the actual application date.

The system will round the prorated amount down to the lower dollar.  If the amount is less than $10, the household is denied (reason: 23P - prorates less than $10) for the application month and certified for the following month.  If the household applies on the 31st day of the month, you should use the 30th for the application date for the purposes of this provision. 

Households that apply after the 15th of the month are issued the prorated benefits for the application month and the benefits for the first full month on the same day. 

Note – TANF cash assistance payments* are also prorated from the date of application.  So, when you certify the household for TANF and SNAP, enter the prorated TANF amount for the application month.  Use DHS Appendix B (Prorated TANF and Food Benefits:  Proration Payment Form)** or the formula:



Application Date)


Monthly Benefit


Prorated Benefit


These will help you determine the countable TANF income for the initial month.

Monthly Benefit

After the initial month, the monthly benefit amount for the remaining months is listed on Appendix C-3 for the appropriate household size and net income. 

*More information on TANF coming soon!

** Appendix B can be found by searching "Forms" on the Infonet.  It is an internal only tool, so it cannot be linked on the Internet.

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