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Filing Applications

Clients who want any benefits offered by DHS must submit an application.  Clients may request multiple benefits at the same time (except for LIHEAP which is a temporary energy relief program and not an ongoing benefit - more on LIHEAP coming soon!).  Applicants can apply in any office that they choose.  If a client uses as an online submission tool, the case will be automatically assigned to a local county office by zip code.

Every household that wants to receive SNAP benefits must apply for benefits separately.  Click here to view definitions of household members.  

Clients may also fill out a paper application.

Our applications should be made available in as many places as possible to best suit our clients' varied needs.  We should ensure that applications are in our lobbies and that community partners are aware of applications online on the DHS – Forms and Applications section.  Clients can also complete an application with a worker who enters the information in FACS.

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