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Jon and Jordan come in to our local office to apply for food benefits.  Initially, they ask for one application from the front desk and fill it out with both of their information.  During the interview, it is determined that both are adults that live together but are not really preparing food together.  What should you do?

If both adults are separate and want to open their own SNAP cases, both clients need to provide a signed application.  Have them file two separate applications and the cases need to be processed separately. 

Megan came into our office today to see what she and her infant son, Alex, would qualify for.  Ultimately, they decided to apply for SNAP, TANF, and LIHEAP. What should you do?

LIHEAP is a separate application since it is not an ongoing benefit.  The client will apply for LIHEAP separately.  TANF and SNAP can share the same application (PS-1).  The food benefits will be processed using SNAP policy and timeframes, including expedited eligibility when appropriate. 

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