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Delay Caused by the Household

If the client has not fulfilled all the steps of the application process, the case should be denied immediately – by the 30th day.  Likely, the system would have done this automatically for you if you utilize FDENY for either missed interview or pending verification.

After denial, the client will receive a computer generated denial notice.

If the client does not complete an interview by the end of the 30th day, the application is denied and cannot be reopened.  For a case that has been interviewed but is missing verification, the client has an additional 30 days to provide missing verification – the benefits should be prorated using the date that the final verification is provided.    

Possible Household Delays

  • You schedule an interview on or before the 20th day; provide the client with a correct and valid ADM-92 and the client fails to provide the verification.
  • The household misses the first interview, requests a second – but fails to provide all the required verification by the 30th day.
  • The household misses their first interview, requests a second – and they are unable to do so until after the 30th day. 
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