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Delay Caused by DHS

If the delay is caused by DHS, you should keep the application in pending status.  At the end of the first 30-day period, you should send the household a Client Notice of Action Taken form,sometimes called a hand-generated notice.  This notice will explain why the application is still pending. 

If you later determine that a client is eligible, you should approve the benefits back to the date of application. 

Note –

  • Food benefit certifications for the current or future month may be processed through the last day of the month.
  • You can use the FSSR transaction to issue benefits back to the date of application, but no more than two months prior to the month you certify food benefits.
  • You should use the FSLB transaction to request retroactive certifications that are more than two months prior to the current month.
  • You can get instructions for the FSSR and FSLB transactions by typing M [space] FSSR or FSLB in IMS.  It is important to note that M is the search function built into IMS and can be typed in front of nearly every command in IMS to learn more about the screen.

Possible DHS Delays

  • You need to request information from a client using an ADM-92 and do not have 10 full days before the 30th day.      
    • This could be due to a late interview, forgetting to provide the ADM-92 timely, or a mistake on the first written notice.
    • It could also be due to discovering that additional verification was required after the interview but you don't have 10 days to send an ADM-92.
    • The ADM-92 must contain:
      • What factors must be verified
      • What is considered acceptable verification
      • The date verification must be supplied
  • You never scheduled an interview.
  • You did not offer to provide assistance to the household in obtaining verification.
  • You offered to provide assistance but failed to follow through with collateral contacts or release of information
  • The household missed their first interview on or before the 30th day and requested that the interview be rescheduled and you were unable to reschedule them before the 30th calendar day.
  • The client provided all the required verification on or before the 30th day and the application was not approved or denied timely.
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