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Month of Application

The month of application is the first month in the certification period for initial applicants if eligibility is determined within the standard 30 day period. Because of anticipated changes, a household may be Eligibility Determination eligible for the application month but not for future months.  If this occurs, you should certify the case for the application month only.  This could occur if a client has obtained employment, but their actual or anticipated income for the application month is not above the maximum income standard for the type of household.

Conversely, clients can also be ineligible for their application month and be eligible for subsequent months.  You do not need to have the client provide a new application.  You can certify the SNAP benefits effective the month following the application month.  You should deny the application if the client is not eligible for the application month or the following month.  A new application would be needed for subsequent months. 

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