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Information Furnished after the Application is Denied

A client does not need to provide a new application if they fail to complete the process within 30 calendar days as long as the necessary verification is provided within 60 calendar days.  This includes the verification waived for expedited services.

You should certify the food benefits using the date that the household provided the final verification for the application, certification, and proration date.

When you certify a case in the second 30 days, benefits are prorated from the date that the household furnishes the information. 

Typically cases that are denied for missing verification are handled through a different FDENY process.  After completing an interview, if a client needs to provide additional verification, you should automatically put the case in FDENY 45.  The system will immediately deny the case 30 days after the application date.  If the client provides verification in the second 30 days, you can put the case in application status again, using the date the verification was received. 

Using both FDENY functions will keep you from accidentally allowing applications to linger beyond the time allowed for an eligibility decision. 

When a case remains in application status for longer than 30 days, it is considered delinquent.  This can have a negative impact on Oklahoma's timleliness rate, can affect your performance measures, and cause hardships for our clients.

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