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Authorized Representative

An authorized representative is an adult non-household member who can act on behalf of the SNAP household.

He or she may complete the application process, report changes, obtain benefits, and purchase food for the SNAP household.

How to appoint?
To appoint an authorized representative, the head of household, spouse, or other adult household member writes a statement that clearly identifies the representative and what actions he or she may take.

When the only adult in the home is a non-household member, you may designate him or her as the authorized representative for the minor household members.

Representative Misconduct
It is important that you inform clients that actions performed by their authorized representatives have repercussions. Clients are liable for any over-issuance due to any incorrect information a representative provides.

Appointment Restrictions
A disqualified person and a DHS employee usually cannot act as an authorized representative. You may use the FSD transaction to identify disqualified household members.

The only time a disqualified person or a DHS employee can serve as an authorized representative is when he or she is the only adult in the household and no one else available. Before a DHS employee can serve as an authorized representative, you must also obtain the written approval of your county director.

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