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Authorized Representative Disqualification

An authorized representative is disqualified for up to one year when evidence shows that they have

  • Misrepresented a household's circumstances.
  • Knowingly provided false information about the household.
  • Made improper use of benefits.

If you have evidence that shows one of these actions, forward it to AFS SNAP Section. The SNAP section will notify the county office of the decision regardless of the outcome and the authorized representative when the decision results in his or her disqualification.
This does not apply to authorized representatives for group homes or drug and alcohol treatment programs.


You have been working with a client for some time. Throughout this time, the authorized representative has been your primary contact. It seems the information given to you by the client is different than what the authorized representative tells you. What should you do? 

Forward all available evidence to the AFS SNAP section. SNAP, after making a determination, will notify the county office of its decision. When the decision results in the authorized representative’s disqualification, SNAP will notify the representative. You will not have to give this information to them.

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