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A household must be “vulnerable” to receive energy assistance. A household is vulnerable when it is at least partially responsible for the cost of home energy. It remains vulnerable when the provider temporarily disconnects the household’s service.


A household may provide

  • a current utility bill,

  • a receipt for delivered fuel,

  • an itemized statement, lease, or rent receipt that shows how the landlord includes an energy surcharge in the rent, or

  • verification from an organization that or a person who provides a subsidy that it does not entirely cover utility costs.


For a roomer or boarder to be considered partially vulnerable, he or she:

  • cannot be related to the household with whom he or she lives; and

  • must provide a written lease or roommate agreement that contains a specific clause stating the roomer or boarder is responsible for a portion of utility bills.

Subsidized Households

A subsidized household receives help paying for its utilities on a regular basis. The help may come from a government agency or a private person.

When LIHEAP staff verifies that there is an unpaid paid portion of the energy costs, a subsidized household may receive energy assistance. The amount approved is the same amount as an unsubsidized household.

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