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​Tribal Members in the Household

Oklahoma’s Native America tribes may operate their own LIHEAP program. When a tribe operates its own program, tribal members have the option of receiving LIHEAP assistance from their tribe. The Appendix D-4-B lists the tribes that are currently administering their own program.

Each fiscal year, tribal members must choose to receive LIHEAP from DHS or the tribe. Remember the federal fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30.

When a tribal member applies for DHS LIHEAP, LIHEAP staff determines if the member is participating in a tribal LIHEAP program.

  • If a tribal member has received energy assistance from a tribal LIHEAP program in the current fiscal year, LIHEAP staff denies the application.

  • If a tribal member belongs to a tribe that does not operate its own LIHEAP program or has not received energy assistance from a tribal LIHEAP program, the member may participate in the DHS program. LIHEAP staff will determine if he or she meets program requirements.
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