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Required Verification

LIHEAP staff must verify the household’s gross monthly earned and unearned income. New verification is not necessary for persons in a household actively receiving ABD medical, SNAP, SSP, or TANF benefits. They use the verification from the open benefit. The income must have already been verified in the open case. If the income is new or terminated since the last case action, it must be verified.

​This rule will lead to the following scenarios and outcomes:​


​Every member in the LIHEAP household receives one of these benefits.

​Some members but not the entire LIHEAP household also receives a DHS benefit.

No one in the LIHEAP household receives one of these benefits.


Staff uses the most recent income verification on file to determine eligibility​.

Staff uses the most recent income verification for those receiving a DHS benefit. The other persons in the LIHEAP household must provide verification of their income for the application month.

The household must verify the income of all household members for the month of application.

Income Verification Rules

LIHEAP household members who are not in an AFS approved benefit must provide income verification.

When LIHEAP staff needs verification, the household must provide one of the following:

  • Actual income verification received in the application month when all monthly payments are available and representative.

    • It is not representative when a household member receives an extra paycheck due to a third biweekly or a fifth weekly payment. In this case, LIHEAP staff uses the last 30 calendar days of income to determine income eligibility.

    • It is not available when the household has not received this payment before the application date. When the household member has not received a payment from this source before the application date or does not know when or if it will be received again, no income is counted from this source.

  • The income amount received in the previous month when the amount received does not fluctuate from month-to-month.

  • The last 30 days of gross pay a wage-earning household member receives before the application date. The member’s earnings must fluctuate from month-to-month, and he or she cannot have received all of that month’s checks before the application date.

  • The most recent tax return or business records from the past 12 months when a household member performs contract labor or self-employment.

  • The amount of unearned income a household member received or expects to receive in the application month.

LIHEAP staff converts income verification that covers more than one month to a monthly amount.

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