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The household’s income must not exceed the applicable gross income limit on the Appendix C-7 to receive energy assistance. DHS uses the net income amount, the amount after applicable deductions, to determine the amount the household receives for the summer cooling and winter heating programs. Energy crisis programs do not use the net income to determine the benefit amount.

Income Calculation

To calculate the gross income amount, LIHEAP staff determines what income the household receives and whether it is countable. They request verification when it is necessary and convert the income to a gross monthly amount. The gross amount of income is used to determine eligibility even when the income is reduced due to recoupment of an overpayment or garnishment. Except for excluded income and the self-employed business expense, LIHEAP staff uses all other income the household receives to determine income eligibility.

LIHEAP staff calculates the household’s net income amount by subtracting the remaining deductions that the household qualifies to receive. These deductions do not include the self-employment business expense since staff already subtracted it to calculate gross income. Staff enters the gross and net income amount into the system.

Benefit Amount

The system awards energy assistance based on the Appendix C-7-A. For summer cooling and winter heating, the net income helps determine the benefit amount. The energy crisis programs pays the amount needed to end the energy crisis up to the maximum benefit amount.

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