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Income Calculation for a household that includes an ineligible alien

LIHEAP staff uses this income process when there is an ineligible alien in the household. This process calculates how much of the ineligible alien’s income counts for the rest of the household.

  1. Use the gross earned income of every ineligible alien in the household.

  2. Subtract the earned income deduction from the gross earned income for each ineligible alien in the household.

  3. Add the unearned of all ineligible aliens.

  4. Calculate the number of ineligible dependents there are. This number equals those persons who are claimable for federal personal income tax purpose, live in the same household, and are not eligible household members.

  5. Subtract the need standard for the ineligible alien and his or her ineligible alien dependents. The need standard is on the Appendix C-1, Schedule IX.

  6. Subtract all applicable deductions.

  7. Add the remaining income to the countable income of the household members eligible for LIHEAP.
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