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Energy Crisis

An energy crisis exists when the household’s energy provider

  • refuses to start or restore service without payment,

  • plans to cut off the household’s service within 72 hours unless the provider receives payment, or

  • declines to provide additional fuel without payment and the household’s fuel will run out in 72 hours.

Required Verification

The household documents an energy crisis with verification of these situations.

Examples include but are not limited to

  • a verified, active cutoff notice for a date within 72 hours,

  • verification of a fee for a new connection or to reconnect, or

  • verification of a supplier’s refusal to provide additional energy without payment and the household’s energy supply will run out in 72 hours.

What caused the crisis?

The household must explain what caused the energy crisis and why it cannot handle the energy crisis with its available income and resources. LIHEAP staff will evaluate the household’s explanation.

If a household resolves the energy crisis without an ECAP payment, an ECAP payment is unnecessary, and LIHEAP staff denies the application.

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