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​Rights and Responsibilities

DHS clients have the right to –
Equal Treatment Regardless of race, age, sex, disability, religion, political belief, or national origin.
Receive help from DHS staff to complete the application process Ask clients if they understand all the questions on an application, and clarify any misunderstandings. Provide help when the applicant asks for help obtaining verification or completing required paperwork.
Receive information about all DHS services It is important for you to be a student of your profession and have a basic knowledge of what programs we offer.
Quick processing of applications Strive to resolve all applications with the first contact. Each program has its own timeframe, and we must complete applications and renewals within that timeframe (or faster if possible).
Apply for benefits at any time Refer clients to to apply for benefits at any time.
Confidentiality You should only share relevant information within the office if you need assistance and never share client information with anyone outside the agency.
A fair hearing Clients may ask for a fair hearing any time we take or fail to take action on a case. They may request one orally or in writing depending on the program and may choose anyone to represent them at a hearing.
DHS clients have the responsibility to –
Be truthful This is a two-way street, encourage truthfulness by having empathy for our clients.
Cooperate with OIG and SNAP QC when asked to do so The Office of Inspector General (OIG) and SNAP Quality Control (QC) conduct investigations and may need to contact the client.
Provide all documents necessary to establish eligibility You must tell the client what is needed in order for them to provide it. Provide help when the applicant asks for help obtaining verification.
Report changes in Household Circumstances within 10 days You can see the list of required Child Care changes here and SNAP changes here.
Let DHS share information with other organizations to obtain help for them Other government agencies and private organizations provide a similar role in client’s lives – you may need to share relevant information with them
Let DHS investigate or request to verify information given When you process an application or renewal, you may need to follow-up with employers and collateral contacts to do your job.
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