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Purpose of SNAP

SNAP is a program envisioned to help the nation's low income households.  The purpose of SNAP is to efficiently use the nation's abundance of food to:

  • Raise nutritional levels
  • Improve general health

Who is responsible for the SNAP program?

SNAP is a federal program and its authority comes from Congress.  It is administered by the USDA Food and Nutrition Services (FNS).  However, DHS has total and direct responsibility for initiation and monitoring program informational activities for SNAP in Oklahoma.

SNAP informational activities –

consist of comprehensive and ongoing activities to give information about the program (including household rights and responsibilities) to applicants and clients.



Websites (including social media)

Other publications

Face-to-face contact

Telephone helplines

Nutrition education information should be available to clients in your local office.  Pamphlets are available to order from the agency.  Ask your supervisor about the location of these pamphlets in your office and who you should contact if any are out of stock. 

You and your support staff are responsible for informing clients of the pamphlets when they apply and recertify their benefits.  Have a plan in place to educate your clients about the program, eligibility requirements, and about nutrition using the tools provided by the agency. 

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