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Training Materials Available to You

In order to best serve your training needs, DHS has multiple options available for you to access. All of these items have their strengths and in order to effectively learn, you may want to use a mix of all these.

Listed below are some training materials to use:

  • The Worker Handbook
    • This is site you are currently consulting. The handbook takes the policy you must learn to do your job and makes it more plain – and contains examples.
  • Systems Help 
    • Systems Help contains pictures and instructions on how to use the computer programs we use in our daily duties – such as IMS / PS-2 and FACS. Throughout the handbook, we will point you to Systems Help. It is also linked at the top of the handbook.
  • Quest
    • Quest is useful for providing quick overviews of topics with examples, videos, and pictures. Occasionally in the handbook, we will point you towards Quest to learn more about topics. It is also linked at the top of the handbook.  
  • Academy Handbook
    • If you have not gone already, you will go to New Worker Academy. This is a good opportunity to learn more about how to do your job. After you get back to the office, the Academy Handbook can be used as a reference guide.
  • Training Materials made in your office
    • There are many talented people in your office that have made great training tools and cheat sheets. Have you seen any in your office that you think other workers would benefit from? Contact us and we can share this material with workers across the state.
  • In- and out-of-office training opportunities
    • In-office training is a great way for more experienced workers and supervisors to share their knowledge. If you feel like there are topics that the office could benefit from, speak with your supervisor. Occasionally, there will be opportunities for out-of-office training. Keep your eyes open and let your supervisor know if there is a course on Learning Management System that you would like to attend.
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