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Opening Statement

This handbook and all the examples within are meant to be a guide – not a replacement to policy. Our goal is to create a tool to help new and old workers alike understand policies and procedures to better prepare you for a career with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) Adult and Family Services (AFS).

This handbook can be used by all employees as a refresher on policies or procedures that you don't use in your day to day operations.    

This tool is meant to evolve and change with policy changes and interpretations. Because of this, the handbook's best home is online. Printed versions will quickly become out of date. We recommend that you do not print this handbook and instead explore it here. You will be able to take advantage of all the links to policy tips and charts and also guarantee that the information read continues to be up to date. 

There are multiple ways to use this handbook.

You can:

  • Read it from beginning to end like a textbook.
  • Use the table of contents to find a chapter you need.
  • Use the embedded hyperlinks to jump to different sections as you read.
  • Use the alphabetical index* to find the topics you need.  

*Index not yet completed. It is currently a sitemap for all pages added to the Handbook at launch. 

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